When you think owning a gun should be more of a right than being cared for when you are sick, you really need to re-examine your priorities.

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on my trail run today: jack-in-the-pulpit, multiple species of trillium, trout lily and lots of wee violets flowering.  <3

i don’t believe in the prevailing metaphor for Spring ‘round these parts, but i do admit that this time of year is pretty much magical. 

For anyone doubting the existence of challenging technical trail of a respectable distance in north-central Alabama: I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Ruffner. #runbuts



When I look at the total elevation gain:


When I actually go run on the terrain:


initially started really running trail in California, moved to the SE.  this is true.  it’s not the elevation, necessarily.  (though there is climbing.  lots of it.)  it’s the rocks.  and the roots.  and the mud.  all terrain.

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he loves his keekee

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love me some john muir

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i miss california.


San Gabriels in November

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… really missing Southern California. 

We’re doing ok here in Nashville, and there are definitely improvements in our life situation as compared to when/where we were in LA, but still. 

Morning marine layer, Saturday morning group run in the mountains (oh, the mountains,) the ocean breeze, the ability to sit outside and eat our dinner in our backyard without being eaten alive by bugs, our big garage and bike storage, our local fruit stand on the next block over to get my fresh-chopped mango/pineapple with lime juice and chili powder, farmers markets that are vendor-only and loaded with organic produce, my running/swimming/groups and routes, friends nearby.

Still adjusting, I guess.